Wynyards Jump Park and the Dream Track

A quieter jump park in Queenstown with a series of BIG gap jumps!

Dream track baclflip sequence with Conor Mcfarlane by 360newzealand

Wynyards Jump Park is the quieter version of Gorge Road, but aimed a little more towards the freestyle/freeride mountain biker rather than BMX riders. It is located in Fern Hill, about half way down the Wynyards Downhill track, but possible to push in from Wynyards Crescent.

The jumps in the main park range from 1m tabletops to 5m gaps. There’s also a selection of structures that help offer varying lines through the park.

Dream Track is where the bigger jumps are found, a short push up the hill behind. These jumps are for the big boys only, being 10-15m gaps ending in a very hefty step-down. Careful of the wind here, even the slightest breeze can nudge you to one side of the landing.