Wynyards Express Downhill Track

A superb downhill track, with super-convenient shuttle access.

wynyards downhill mountain bike track in queenstown, by 360newzealand.com

Located just out of central-Queenstown on the edge of Fern Hill, Wynyards Downhill and Wynyards Bike Park is one of the more original DH/Freeride MTB areas in the region.

Another Queenstown Mountain Bike construction, the DH track is well-built with a huge range of features, from gap jumps and step-downs to structures and tight, turny burms. It’s entirely possible to spend half of this track in the air. All the bigger features have chicken lines available however.

The track begins at the very top of Wynyard Crescent, just after the water tanks, and comes out next to the Fern Hill roundabout. It’s also possible to ride here from the lower section of Hammy’s track in the Queenstown Bike Park.