Skyline Trail & Roy’s Peak hike

A long one-day hike with amazing views over Lake Wanaka.

Roys Peak view over Wanaka

Roy’s Peak is the large hill overlooking Lake Wanaka from the West and really does present one of the best views in the whole area. There are two options on this hike; 1) a 4-5hr round trip, from the car park on Mt Apsiring Road to Roy’s Peak and back on the same track; 2) a 8-10hr hike (approximately 20kms) from Cardrona Valley Road over the Skyline Ridge and Roy’s Peak and down to the car park on Mt Aspiring Road (or vice-versa).

The first option is a continuous uphill hike on a fairly monotonous farming track, but the quickest way to see the amazing views (bar a helicopter that is). The second option presents a longer hike, but a more interesting track over Mt Alpha, across the ridge line in between Mt Alpha and Roy’s Peak, and down the farming track to the car park. This option can be done either way, but starting from the Cardrona Valley Road allows you to enjoy the views for most of the hike rather than having your back to them.

Note that access via Roy’s Peak Track is closed for lambing from the 1 October – 10 November.