Rude Rock Mountain Bike Track

Named after an uniquely-shaped rock close to the top, this is a fun, flowing mountain bike track accessed from the Coronet Peak road.

Rude Rock Mountain Bike Track

Another great trail built by the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club, this one is designed for multiple types of riders and their bikes. It can be ridden on both downhill bikes and trail / full-suspension XC bikes, and is popular for both shuttle laps and Enduro-style fitness rides.

The track itself is 3.5kms of flowing descent, along ridge lines, over big rollers, through well-built burms, with lots of little jumps along the way. It is rated at grade 4 difficulty but can be ridden by most people comfortable on a mountain bike. Note that it does get a little narrower than other single tracks rides in the area and the ridge lines can get daunting when the winds are up.

A number of races and events are held on Rude Rock, including the Queenstown Bike Festival’s Enduro race and the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club’s local DH race series.

As this track is at a higher altitude than others in the Queenstown area (i.e. it begins in the snow line), it is usually closed in winter months.

To shuttle this track, drive up to Coronet Peak, looking for the track exit as you drive up – sign posted on your left about two-thirds of the way up the road (there’s a small car park opposite). When at the Coronet Peak base building, head along a dirt track under the Greengates Express Chairlift and follow what is a ski run in winter up a short steep (pushing required) until you see the start of the track on your left.

To ride this track solely with your own pedal power, you must ride up the Coronet Peak access road first, however you can link it up with Zoot track and a new Skippers Links track.