Mou Waho Island

A historical island in the middle of Lake Wanaka, with its own lake on the island.

Mou Waho is a special place. Found in the middle of Lake Wanaka, Mou Waho is about 25mins by boat from the town.

In the late 1800s Mou Waho was utilised as a location for ship building, due to the extensive native resources. These days it’s a stunning tourist attraction, with a very small DOC camp site and BBQ area, a secluded beach and floating jetty, and hundreds of the native (and very curious) Weka bird.

A 20min walk will take you up to Mou Waho’s own private lake, which is great for summer swimming. A further 10mins up and you are rewarded with an incredible view to the North and the South, as well as to the mountains on both sides.