Jervois Steak House

There are steak houses, then there are steak houses and then there’s Jervois Steak House.

Jervois Steak House

Located at the bottom of the Brecon Street steps in central Queenstown, the Jervois Steak House is the region’s supreme restaurant designed to unashamedly showcase meat!

The menu is a veritable who’s who of meats in all forms, sourced from the very best beef and lamb producers. The quality beef is carefully selected from the highest pedigree and defined by breed and feed. So you will find dishes like the Signature Prime Rib, selected from the finest 150-day grain fed Black Angus that has been dry aged then patiently roasted in their special oven.

Or the Jervois cut eye fillet on the bone, farmed on the West Coast, which gives this animal an unmatched tenderness and flavour that can only come from cattle fed on New Zealand’s magnificent grasslands.

For the more adventurous carnivore, the steak tatare is a classic, executed to perfection, as is the Caesar salad with it’s Lolin anchovy and 55 minute egg.

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