7 Mile Bay Mountain Biking

A well-established network of flowing single track riding a short drive from the center of Queenstown.

7 Mile Bay Mountain Biking

Maintained by Queenstown Mountain Bike Club, 7 Mile is spider web of superb single track riding with something for almost everyone.

With a duel-use walking and biking track making it’s way through the centre of the track network, it is possible and enter from either Wilson’s Bay or the 7 Mile car park (parking available at both locations). Alternatively, ride all the way from Queenstown on the Sunshine Bay track or add in the Moke Lake loop for stunning scenery and more of an aerobic workout.

The 7 Mile tracks themselves are predominantly grade 3 and 4, with a variety of jumps and structures, all with chicken lines if you prefer to keep your wheels on the ground. Tracks like Kachoong and Cool Runnings are the most jump-orientated in the network, while Gravitron, Loop 7 and Cloud Burst are a little looser, having not been built with a digger. Satan’s Corridor is the most challenging of all the tracks, with a mandatory drop section in the middle.

7 Mile is open all year round, but keep in mind that it can rather wet in the winter months are doesn’t usually start drying out till October/November time.

To get there, drive from Queenstown towards Glenorchy approximately 7 miles out of town.