Transformation: Day of Ideas at The Sherwood

Transformation: Are self sufficient cities an inevitable future?

When asking yourself the question: “Are self sufficient cities an inevitable future?”… we only have to look here in Queenstown at the consistent conversations that we are having around housing, development and a town that is thinking like a city. Transformation is happening but what does this mean?

I love Queenstown Lakes and I love what is happening here but are we at risk of blowing ourselves up too big too quickly?

All these questions and more will be discussed at The Sherwood at their day of insight and conversation. Timothy Hill from Partners Hill (a prolific mind in Australian Architecture) and Ross Harding from Finding Infinity (a whizz in the engineering world) will look at various case studies “that have inspired and influenced change either physically or through cultural transformation.” The discussion will look at various past projects, successes and failures and how these insights could be used in a Queenstown context.

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