Staying the night at Climate House NZ

I first heard about The Climate House through a friend of mine who was oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over their lower-than-low power bills last year in Winter.

The Climate House, Queenstown NZ

The Climate House, Queenstown NZ

We all know how hard Winter’s can be here with the not-very-warm-houses of Queenstown and Central and so when I was offered the opportunity to stay the night, I put my slippers away and sauntered over.

Climate House NZ houses are “European styling, Passive Haus energy modelling, quality wood triple glazed joinery, natural cladding materials integrated heat recovery ventilation system. All working together to create the ultimate in house performance” (taken from

In other words they are dry, comfortable, warm, seriously easy to operate and smart to boot. They look absolutely beautiful and have heating, ventilation, air conditioning, humidifying, indoor air infiltration and hot water all in one unit instead of individually designed pieces. Warm in Winter (with low bills) and cool and calm in Summer.

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The Climate House, Queenstown NZ

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