Queenstown stunning places to photograph

I have become one of those annoying people who stick a camera device in front of anything nowadays.

There’s so much to snap at here and the sky is constantly shifting it’s impossible not to. With views coming out of your ears you’d be forgiven for just standing in the town centre for the whole of your holiday and taking photos, but there are a few sneaky places to go and get your socks and your boots fully blown off.

The middle bit of Sam Summers Loop

Sam Summers loop by Queenstown Life

Sam Summers loop by Queenstown Life

Head out of town towards Glenorchy and you’ll come across Mnt. Crichton car park. Park up there and head over the road to the Sam Summers loop. Half way round is a little view out towards Lake Wakatipu and Lake Dispute. The whole loop takes about 2 hours, and don’t forget the little squeeze through in the rock. You’ll know what I mean when you see the sign.

The vista

Vista Drive by Queenstown Life

Vista Drive by Queenstown Life

High up on Edinburgh Drive is the vista that rivals no other. Park up and breathe it in. I’ve seen it in all the seasons and I have to say an icy Winter’s day can’t be beat. But then I go on a Summer’s day and it gets me everytime. Take a picnic and just relax.

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Vista Drive by Queenstown Life

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