Queenstown Secret Places This Spring

I would consider myself to be a local here as It’s nearly ten years. I also still consider myself to be tourist as I am still discovering things about the place, I still get confused as to which shops are are on The Mall and Beach Street (you too?) and I love to pretend I’m here on holiday EVERY DAY.


Which leads me to showing you some places you might not know about or have forgotten. “Oh yeah, that place” I hear you holler, I haven’t been there for AGES! Spring is all about the new, the dusting off, the exploring. So whether you live here like lucky lucky me or you’re here for the weekend, be sure you go and check out these little delights.

1. The little house in Arrowtown.
A photographers dream in any light. Black and White, colour, suns streaked, this little beauty is down by the Chinese Village and at the start of all the hiking/ running trail goodness in Arrowtown. Built in 1863 it was a police camp building back then now sits in the sunshine.

2. Zoological Gardens
Zoo-a-whattia? Yes yes they’ve been there YEARS and I always forget about them. Down Roberson Road near Remarkables Park there’s a little Zoological Garden. You can ever walk from the Airport! Ponies, rabbits, Kune Kune pigs. Take the kids or go for your first date it’s a hidey-hole of fun.

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Jane Guy

Loving, living and breathing Queenstown (and further afield)!

Queenstown local blogger / eater of cake / trying to be runner of hills, Jane Guy, has lived on this fair shore for the past 8 years. She creates editorial that is written with humor, insight and honesty.

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