Mt Crichton Loop Track & Sam Summers Hut

The Mt Crichton Loop Track is a 2-3 walking track close to Queenstown, offering amazing views of Lake Dispute and changing scenery along the way.

Mt Crichton

View from the start of the track looking back at Lake Wakatipu

There are two options for starting this stunning walk; we chose to start our day at the signpost a little before the Twelve Mile Bridge which is approximately 9km from Queenstown. From here it’s a loop track via Lake Dispute or a walk into Moke Lake.

The start of the track is still scarred from fire but once over the top and past a few fences, you are presented with some beautiful vistas over Lake Dispute.

The track continues on over a wee landslide, up and around towards Mt Crichton, then into the most beautiful forest of trees. Bridges and a beautiful waterfall follow before arriving at Sam Summers Hut. Staying here overnight gives you a taste of what life would have been like as a gold prospector. Well worth the time!

A few minutes from the hut is a large sluiced canyon from mining between the 1860’s and 1930’s and a spectacular tail race tunnel that is 24 metres long, 1 meter wide and 10 meters high. Impressive to say the least!

Following on from the tunnel is a relaxing walk back down beside the 12 Mile River to the car park (the other option to begin your walk of the Sam Summers Loop Track).

This is definitely a beautiful and interesting walk which I would highly recommend to anyone with a medium level of fitness. I would suggest however that you start the track from the car park rather than the Twelve Mile Bridge we started at – our journey ended in 10 minute walk back to the car along the highway which isn’t the most enjoyable way to finish such a beautiful walk.

Enjoy the photos and look out for the Mt Crichton Loop Track location page on 360queenstown-wanaka soon.

Lake Dispute

Lake Dispute, looking up towards Moke Lake. On our left is the Mt Crichton Loop Track, on the right is the mountain that has the track that leads into Moke Lake.

Mt Crichton landslide

A wee landslide.

Looking up at Mt Crichton.

Looking up at Mt Crichton.

Mt Crichton forest

Beautiful part of the walk through native forest.

Mt Crichton forest black and white

Creative edit to enhance to texture of the native trees! (not actual color)

Mt Crichton waterfall

Amazing waterfall next to the hut.

Sam Summers Hut.

Sam Summers Hut.

Inside Sam Summers Hut.

Inside Sam Summers Hut.

Sleeping set up in Sam Summers Hut

Sleeping set up in the hut.

Mt Crichton drop off

It is a very safe walk but I did manage to find this fun drop off!

Amazing "tail race" tunnel

Amazing “tail race” tunnel.

12 Mile Delta River

Heading back down over the 12 Mile Delta River.

  1. Great Shots Guys,
    This is a great little walk and no effort, jut out of town. Perfect chance to see some beautiful NZ native bush, so close to town.
    Get out and enjoy it.

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12 Mile Delta River

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