The Hike ‘n Bike Journals: Mountain Biking the Grandview Track in Hawea

Hike 'n Bike is becoming a thing! It's probably always been a thing, but recently it seems to be turning into a bigger thing.

The Grandview Track in Hawea isn’t really a proper hike ‘n bike. It’s just a 2hr uphill slog followed by a fun 15min downhill – and a rather grand view in between.

But you can’t just go from riding trails like Dean’s Bank and Corotown to the full 10hr backcountry mission. You need a step in between. A warm up of sorts.

The steady climb up towards Grandview Moutain, by 360newzealand

The steady climb up towards Grandview Moutain

As a duel-purpose track that had just been closed for 6 weeks for lambing, the Grandview Track was very fresh for yesterday’s hike ‘n bike mission. There were no signs of other bikes while climbing up the 9kms to the 1300m-odd peak. Well, until we were resting our tired muscles at the top, when one of the hardcore local, adventure racing types swings by on a “short climb” as part of his bigger cross-country loop.

There’s always someone who can put your small achievements into perspective, without meaning to.

The beauty of hike ‘n bike adventures, is the amount of ground you can cover. For us, this wee jaunt was a tester for bigger missions planned throughout the summer. It took us about 2hrs 30mins all up, with photo stops along the way. As a hike, it would have taken us at least double the time.

A perfect afternoon way to spend an afternoon…

Checking out the view back towards Wanaka from Grandview Track

Checking out the view back towards Wanaka

Some nice open stretches to pick up a bit of speed

Some nice open stretches to pick up a bit of speed

Grandview track with a mountain bike

Spot the rider… the journey down back towards Lake Hawea

More hike ‘n bike adventures to come throughout the summer, so watch this space!

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The steady climb up towards Grandview Moutain, by 360newzealand

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