Introducing Summit… Wine and Wax night for the girls (but not that kind of wax)

Driven by the often dramatic lack of estrogen and supportive sport bras found plummeting down the black runs of most mountain resorts, a collaborative effort was made, to not only boost female involvement in the ski and snowboard industry but also increase female success.

It was therefore inevitable that SITE Trampoline established their very own pre-season training camp for all the ladies of Queenstown looking to get out on the mountain and progress this winter season.

The initial success of Girl’s Night In was somewhat overwhelming and little did we know a small niche movement had come out of it. Shortly after, meeting up with our friends at Lululemon Queenstown for a soul warming cup of coffee our common ambitions were emphasised, and a new community was conceived.

The aim was to create a pressure-free environment for learning, having fun and simultaneously introducing more like-minded women to each other. Our collaborative efforts culminated and gave birth to Summit. Right now, the 85 person strong Facebook group merely provides a common space for its members to share rides, equipment adventures and events.

Summit Wine and Wax nightThe first of which happens to be SITE Trampoline’s Wine and Wax night, at the The World Bar, Queenstown. Because who doesn’t need an additional excuse for a girls night out?

Imperatively designed to inform the ladies on how to preserve their beloved hard goods, myself and the SITE team will be putting on a short demonstration on how to wax skis and or snowboards from home. Making the process easily accessible even after a long day on the mountain and advising on when it’s time to visit the pros in the workshop.

For some, the event will be enlightening and, for others, a mere refresher. However, most importantly it is our largest congregation of women involved (or soon to be involved) in the Summit group. Topped off with some live music and the most brilliant prizes from all of our partners, I’m already excited for an eventful evening and a memorable winter!

Caley Alger

Queenstown-based lover of board sports, yoga enthusiast and Trampoline Coach, Cayley spends her time bouncing between our surrounding mountains and her favourite local coffee shops.

Here at 360qw, Cayley writes about female-focused topics, lesser-known aspects of life in Queenstown, and… whatever other vivacious subjects appear in her mind.

Read all Cayley’s articles at 360qw or check out her own blog here.

Summit Wine and Wax night

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