Treble Cone Ski Resort

Approximate driving times:

  • 30mins from Wanaka
  • 1hr from Cromwell
  • 1hr 15mins from Arrowtown
  • 1hr 30mins from Queenstown

Driving From Wanaka to Treble Cone

When driving from Wanaka, you take the Mt Aspiring Road out of town to the West. The road winds along the shores of the lake, passed Glendhu Bay, Hospital Flats climbing area and Rocky Mountain hiking trail, before turning left up the 7km access road.

If you are planning to drive up to the base, as most people do, it is essential that you carry snow chains. With fresh snow or a deep overnight frost, the access road can be restricted to 4WDs or 2WD vehicles with snow chains, however this restriction is often lifted during the day. Note that all vehicles must carry chains on all ski resort access roads in New Zealand.

Alternatively, there is parking at the bottom of the access road and an optional shuttle bus or a good spot to hitchhike from.

Driving From Queenstown to Treble Cone

Whilst it’s much easier to access TC from Wanaka, a 90min / 100km drive over the Crown Range, will get you from Queenstown to Treble Cone. For those skiers and snowboarders who choose Queenstown as their base, this is a very easy day trip when there’s no snow affecting the Crown Range road.

Driving From Arrowtown to Treble Cone

A similar distance and route as driving from Queenstown, however the journey from Arrowtown to Treble Cone is a little shorter. It is still one to be avoided should the Crown Range be closed/restricted due to snow.

Buses to Treble Cone

The bus company Yello! operate a daily route from Wanaka to Treble Cone and back, while bus companies Kiwi Discovery and Info & Snow both operate daily shuttle buses from Queenstown to Treble Cone, with door to door services and lift pass combos available.

Hitch Hiking to Treble Cone

Generally speaking it is very easy to hitch hike to Treble Cone and back again, as there’s only one road in and one road out again. Most hitch hikers heading to TC wait on Mt Aspiring Road, at the bottom of McDougall Street, however this spot can get a little backed up and it is sometimes better to wait a few KMs down the road, on the edge of town.

Please note that there can always be risks with hitch hiking. It should always be done with caution. 360queenstown-wanaka takes no responsibility for incidents that could be linked to the advice we provide.