Cardrona Alpine Resort

Cardrona is renowned for its parks and pipes. And for good reason!

With features to suit EVERY level of freestyle skier and rider, the Cardrona Parks are focused on progression and quality.

Cardrona Parks Virtual Tour

cardrona parks sequence shot with Beau-James Wells

Big Buck’s Park

Running alongside the Stag Lane Park, the Big Bucks Park is where the big boys hang out; Cardrona’s renowned triple jump line!

Starting at the top of the Whitestar chairlift, you can drop-in to either Stag Lane or Big Bucks. The first feature in the Big Bucks Park is usually a technical down/kink rail feature of some sort, followed by a gap feature, before moving on to the first jump in the triple line.

These three jumps increase in size from the first to the third, and can vary in size dramatically throughout the season. Early-season they range from 30 to 50 feet (10-16m). However, after the big contests have been to town in August (when these jumps often close to the public for a week or two) the third jump usually reaches around 80 feet (26m), while the first usually stays under 40 feet. All three jumps have long landings and usually kept in great condition.

Stag Lane

Starting at the top of the Whitestar Express Chairlift, the Stag Lane Park runs alongside the Big Bucks Park.

The variety of features is huge, with flat boxes, kinked rails, single bars, pipes, log jibs… the list goes on. Each tier usually has two, or sometimes three, feature options, allowing skiers and riders to change up their line regularly.

The Stag Lane park connects into Antler’s Alley medium jump line before moving onto more rails, providing almost top-to-bottom freestyle action.

Antler’s Alley

Also known as the “medium line”, Antler’s Alley consists of 3 jumps varying from 15-30 foot in length.

Bridging the gap between the Lil’ Bucks Park and the Big Bucks Park, this line of 3 step-over / step-down jumps is prefect for progressing your freestyle.

Starting with a smaller 15-foot stop-over style jump and finishing with a larger step-down 30-footer, the jumps get progressively larger as you move through the park. This is the ideal setup for those comfortable getting in the air already, but looking to learn new tricks without large consequences. The landings are long and the knuckles role smoothly.

Lil’ Buck’s Park

Cardrona’s smallest terrain park for beginner freestyle skiers and riders – or just those that enjoy mini-shred!

The Lil’ Bucks Park is found off Weston’s Trail, accessible from both McDougalls and Whitestar chairlifts. Typically it consists of three 5-10 foot jumps and 4 or 5 box/rail features.

The jumps are mostly true-table style, meaning there’s very little fall time, and very safe as a result. That said, you have to be careful not to overshoot these as the landings can be a little short. The rails and boxes are all ride-on, meaning it’s easy to line them up.

Olympic Superpipe

Frequently named the best halfpipe in the Southern Hemisphere, this 22ft superpipe was the testing ground for the shaper used in the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. The designer is a Wanaka local named John Melville.

Note that it usually takes till August to get the Olympic halfpipe up and running and, when it does, it is typically only open in the mornings, so it doesn’t get destroyed in the afternoon slush.

International Pipe

Two pipes! Yep, Cardrona usually have two halfpipes. This “International Pipe” used to be the go to place back in the day when halfpipes were around 12 feet high. These days it is considered the mini pipe and is a great place to learn to ski or ride transitions.

Note that this pipe is always constructed after the big pipe, so it often doesn’t arrive till mid-season.

Big Air

The Cardrona Big Air, is just that… an XL Big Air Jump. This is for the pros and bidding pros only! But it makes great watching on a sunny spring afternoon from the Noodle Bar.

Gravity X

Cardrona’s Gravity X begins at the top of Whitestar Chairlift and runs beside the Lil’ Bucks Park. It’s a fun but mellow, flowing trail with berms, rollers and easy jumps.

Note that late season the Gravity X often gets bigger, in preparation for up coming contests.