Located at the west end of Lake Wakitipu, Glenorchy has literally one road in and road road out. The Glenorchy-Queenstown Road is a beautiful and windy drive, popular with road bikers.

Driving to and from Glenorchy

Driving to Glenorchy from anywhere requires driving through Central Queenstown. From the lakefront take the Lake Esplanade towards Sunshine Bay and Fern Hill. After the Fern Hill roundabout the road changes to the Glenorchy-Queenstown Road and continues along the edge of Lake Wakitipu.

Approximate driving times to Central Queenstown:

  • 45mins to Queenstown
  • 1hr Arrowtown
  • 1hr 30mins to Cromwell
  • 1hr 45mins to Wanaka

Buses to and from Glenorchy

There’s no scheduled bus route that operates routinely between Queenstown and Glenorchy. That said, a number of hiking transport providers operate buses to the various walking tracks, such as the Routeburn Track, which requires driving through Glenorchy.

Flying to and from Glenorchy

Quenstown Airport, is the closest airport available, and is about an hour away from Glenorchy by car. It is possible to connect by charter helicopter or bi-plane to the Glenorchy landing strip.

Read more about flights to and from Queenstown Airport here.

Hitch Hiking to and from Glenorchy

With just one road leading out, hitching from Glenorchy is a very simple process – most vehicles will be going all the way to Queenstown.

Hitch hiking to Glenorchy is a different story, as many vehicles will be stopping as a number of the bays, tracks and accommodations along the way.

Please note that there can always be risks with hitch hiking. It should always be done with caution. 360queenstown-wanaka takes no responsibility for incidents that could be linked to the advice we provide.