Tucked in the corner of the Wakpitipu Basin with hills surrounding 70% of it, Arrowtown is certainly off the main drag – you don’t drive through Arrowtown to get anywhere… apart from Arrowtown!

Driving to and from Arrowtown

The easiest way to drive to Arrowtown from Central Queenstown, is thought Arthur’s Point. Take Gorge Road out of town, past the Shotover River, where the road changes to Malaghans Road and continues right into the centre of Arrowtown. When driving from Frankton or Kelvin Heights it’s easier to head towards Lake Hayes – take the left turn just after the lake and you’re minutes from Arrowtown.

Driving to Arrowtown from Wanaka is very similar to driving from Wanaka to Queenstown, except you take a right in Arrow Juntion just after coming down the Crown Range.

Approximate driving times to Central Queenstown:

  • 5mins to Lake Hayes
  • 10mins to Frankton
  • 15mins to Queenstown
  • 30mins to Cromwell
  • 45mins to Wanaka
  • 1hr to Glenorchy

Note that the Crown Range between to and from Wanaka can be restricted in winter time. The road can become very icy and snowy, and may be restricted to 4WDs or 2WDs with chains, and sometimes it can close completely. In this scenario it is best to take SH6 via Cromwell.

Buses to and from Arrowtown

Connectabus operates two different routes in and out of Arrowtown, one via Arthur’s Point to Central Queenstown and the other to Frankton.

Buses to towns and cities further afield are available from Queenstown.

Flying to and from Arrowtown

Quenstown Airport, is the closest airport available, and is just 10mins drive from Arrowtown. Read more about flights to and from Queenstown Airport here.

Hitch Hiking to and from Arrowtown

Hitch hiking in and out of Arrowtown is a fairly simple process. From Queenstown it is best to wait on Gorge Road, close to the edge of town where it’s easier for cars to stop. This is a common hitch hiking route to Coronet Peak, so it is likely to be busy in winter time.

Both of the roads from Lake Hayes and Arrow Junction also offer easy hitch hiking possibilities.

Please note that there can always be risks with hitch hiking. It should always be done with caution. 360queenstown-wanaka takes no responsibility for incidents that could be linked to the advice we provide.