Huck Yeah time at Queenstown Bike Park

We had heard all about it. We had seen the recent video. But we were still blown away after our first roll through it. Huck Yeah is one of the latest attractions for DH riders in Queenstown and it's EPIC!

This past winter the team at Skyline Mountain Biking and Queenstown Mountain Bike Club put their mammoth efforts into trail upgrades at the Queenstown Bike Park, including changes to Vertigo, Thundergoat, Grundy, Original and the latest addition to the park… Huck Yeah!

360 got up there last week for our first ride of the summer and we were certainly not disappointed.

The new jump trail “Huck Yeah”

A simple play on words, yet very appropriately named; Huck Yeah is simply sensational!

Diverging off the Vertigo trail, the new jump track begins with a half metre step-down drop that’s easy enough for intermediate riders and above to take without hesitation, but large enough to keep the more tentative riders from taking the wrong turn. It then rolls into a series of 7 or 8 true-tabletops, with two take-offs on every single jump. The jumps get progressively larger as you ride down, ranging from five to ten metres in length, concluding with a super-fun hip feature.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term “true-table” this means a jump where the take-off, tabletop and knuckle for the landing are all at the same height. This creates a safer environment for learning to get your bike in the air and/or dialing in new tricks, as there’s less fall time. So coming up short has limited consequences!

That being said, this isn’t the trail for newbies learning to get both wheels off the ground for the first time. There’s plenty of small features all over the park that are much more suited to this purpose. Huck Yeah is for those who are comfortable hitting small jumps already and simply want to go bigger. Every take-off is suitably wide, perfectly smooth with beautiful transitions, and is pretty much immaculate. Comparisons have been drawn with Whistler’s A-Line, which is a big call, but quite possibly justified.

Getting the speed right on the Huck Yeah trail in Queenstown Bike Park

Getting the speed right on the Huck Yeah trail in Queenstown Bike Park

Personally, I’m no expert DH rider, by any means. I’m not even bordering on the advanced. I do ride almost every trail in the park though (not particularly well, but I get down). And Huck Yeah is somewhere I felt comfortable riding after just two laps through.

So hats off to the trail builders, QMTBC and Skyline Gondola for creating something that caters for such a variety of abilities. You’ve done an amazing job!

Check out the new 40-pano virtual tour we’ve created for the park, which includes a section showcasing the jumps on Huck Yeah.

Huck Yeah VT screenshot

Check out the new Queenstown Bike Park virtual tour

The bottom table and the hip on Huck Yeah in Queenstown Bike Park

The bottom table and the hip on Huck Yeah in Queenstown Bike Park

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The bottom table and the hip on Huck Yeah in Queenstown Bike Park

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