Glenorchy community shaping their future

The Glenorchy community will gather this weekend to discuss the long-term vision for the area.

A day-long forum on Saturday, April 11 at the Glenorchy Hall will bring the community together to develop a set of high-level outcomes and a 30-year vision. The vision aims to describe an ideal future for the town and community and unite the full spectrum of community interests and community groups around a set of inspiring common goals.

The Glenorchy community has a descriptive Community Plan from 2001 that informed the District Plan process. The Shaping our Future process is intended to complement the Community Plan by being a proactive, future-focused and strategic initiative that will result in priority issues being addressed through local forums and the formation of a local task force.

The forum will identify a set of key priority issues that need to be addressed in the short- to medium-term but will also look further to the future of Glenorchy in 30, 40 or 50 years time. By addressing these issues now the community can collectively work towards a common goal for future generations.

The forum will be facilitated in world café style with groups working together around tables. It will be inclusive of all ages and interests and will seek consensus as far as possible through prioritisation.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for residents, landowners, local workers and visitors to sit down and discuss a roadmap to the future for the area. By bringing everyone together we can create a shared vision we can all work towards for our grandchildren, their children, future visitors and residents,” Glenorchy Community Association chairman Pete Reid says.

“We hope you will take the opportunity to join us at the forum and have your say on the future of Glenorchy.”

Shaping our Future Chairman David Kennedy adds: “We are delighted the Glenorchy community has invited us to help identify the long-term vision and priorities for the area. Shaping our Future has a robust community-driven process that brings everyone together to create a collective vision.”

Forum: Saturday 11th April 2015 9am – 6pm OR
Sunday 12th April 2015 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: Glenorchy Community Hall
For more information or to register attendance or interest in following the process contact Anita Golden at or phone 021 222 1231.

Panorama from Glenorchy's main street

Panorama from Glenorchy’s main street

Panorama from Glenorchy's main street

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