Girls’ Skate Night

Sunday evening marked the premier of Site Trampoline's Girls Skate Night. With the weather presenting less than ideal conditions the success of the event was at first looking questionable. Though with a promise of popcorn and a "chick flick" numbers inevitably came trickling through the door.

What began six weeks ago as a couple of friends looking to take up skateboarding for the summer, had now gained momentum and had half of Queenstown talking about it. Eager to answer accumulating questions, the idea of running the inaugural event as a premier was conceived.

So myself and the other five new graduates of Site Trampoline‘s guinea pig skate camp congregated to pass on the good times. All armed with first hand experience of starting from the bottom (or transition as we’d prefer to call it), we offered up our time to give some girls a similarly welcoming initiation into skateboarding and, for others, a few new tips on how to progress.

Getting the basics down. Photo by Troy Tanner.

Getting the basics down. Photo by Troy Tanner.

With trampoline coaches and avid skaters helping to fuel the session, it soon became a challenge to find real-estate on the mini ramp or on any of the numerous trampolines for that matter. Holding hands and running vigorously up and down the mini ramp was just part of the fun, as was escaping gravity for a moment, when back inside.

Everyone was there purely to spread the stoke, have questions answered and create new skating comrades. We were even lucky enough to gain attention of local skate shops, providing us with new skate paraphernalia for a couple of lucky winners.

Girls' Skate Night was supported by both Quest and Boardertown. Photo by Troy Tanner.

Girls’ Skate Night was supported by Quest Queenstown. Photo by Troy Tanner.

There were mothers, daughters, sisters, and those who would rather to consider themselves children, mixing up time on the trampolines as well as on a skateboard. Yes falls were had and fear was a very real element. Though not one lady ended that session without trying something new, nor without a childlike grin stretching from ear to ear.

The evening ended with popcorn and the promised chick flick, though not one that involved any romance, or males for that matter. Just inspiring women pushing progression in the action sports industry, highlighting the reason why we all congregated in the first place.

This mere taste tester has got me twiddling my thumbs until the next time. With Girls Skate Night becoming a weekly event from this Wednesday onwards. Boasting experienced coaches, full time stoke fuelers and mini ramp “adaptations”, be sure to give Site Trampoline a call and see what all the fuss is about.

backflip at site trampoline

Adding some style into the backy. Photo by Troy Tanner.

— All images by Troy Tanner from Good Buddy.

Caley Alger

Queenstown-based lover of board sports, yoga enthusiast and Trampoline Coach, Cayley spends her time bouncing between our surrounding mountains and her favourite local coffee shops.

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backflip at site trampoline

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