Fundraising for a Nepalese Skateboard Project

Donating to a worthy cause is one thing. Organising, labouring, and pulling together said worthy cause is a whole different ball game.

Yes some organisational skills are required, as are some very patient friends and much to my dismay there is always… always, an element of public speaking.

Though you may have experienced your due bout of serotonin from contributing to a fundraiser, pulling off a small but exciting affair in your local community, doing so with some of your best friends in the world is humbling and overwhelming in itself.

Fortunately, for myself and the rest of the team behind Site Trampoline’s, Girls’ Skate Programme, Refurb Skate, Site was gracious enough to put on two half price trampolining sessions on Friday night, donating all proceeds to the Make Life Skate Life/Refurb, Nepal project.

Fundraising for Nepalese Skateboarding at SITE Trampoline

Fundraising for Nepalese Skateboarding at SITE Trampoline, photo by Troy Tanner.

A project spanning 11,000 kms, merging two communities and all in the name of one sport; Skateboarding.

Combining forces with Make Life Skate Life, a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organisation that works with local skateboarding communities around the world to create free of charge, community-built concrete skateparks. We are due to arrive in Pokhara Nepal in May and use their facilities to give locals the positive introduction to skateboarding that we were so lucky to receive.

Now approximately $1500 closer to our target of raising $7000 we haven’t waived our white flags in surrender yet. And we’re not going to either.

After running the SITE Girl’s Skate Programme with the rest of the crew who makeup Refurb, we have experienced firsthand the progress and confidence brought out by this new skate community. It is more important than ever for us to be on the ground in Nepal establishing the same environment.

With our next event set for the 26th of March be sure to have your skateboards and appetites ready for an afternoon BBQ and progression session followed by a charity auction at The World Bar in Queenstown. A public service announcement will clog your newsfeed closer to the date though in the interim you can visit our gofundme page to see more about our project, like share and if you feel so inclined donate.

With an incredible response from local businesses we’ve already had an enormous amount of prizes donated and will be auctioning each one away to the highest bidder. Buyers will be comforted to know their hard earned cash will be aiding; the construction of the skatepark, purchasing skate gear for the locals and getting the team behind Sites Girls Skate Programme on the ground to ensure the project runs smoothly.

I never thought starting a new sport could give so much, like the ability to take a fall and more importantly the drive to get back up, though I think the most important thing starting a new sport (especially one as easily accessible at skateboarding) should be noted for, is what it takes away.

The boundaries that segregate, the insecurities of how we may look and the fear of which we are so inherently designed to feel. Having the opportunity to step into a largely patriarchal society and remove the social norms through a sport myself and rest of my teammates from Refurb have come to learn and love will only mean a job well done.

Luckily for us, we live in a community of very supportive individuals and businesses, and it wasn’t hard to get into, and persevere with skateboarding. So much so that it has become a rare occasion for any of us to be the only females in the skatepark.

The biggest hope we have as a team is that we can establish a similarly positive environment for locals, namely females like ourselves, within the Annapurna skatepark – the international standard concrete skatepark set to be built by Make Life Skate Life in April. You can check out their fundraising progress and contribute here.

Caley Alger

Queenstown-based lover of board sports, yoga enthusiast and Trampoline Coach, Cayley spends her time bouncing between our surrounding mountains and her favourite local coffee shops.

Here at 360qw, Cayley writes about female-focused topics, lesser-known aspects of life in Queenstown, and… whatever other vivacious subjects appear in her mind.

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Fundraising for Nepalese Skateboarding at SITE Trampoline

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