Festival of Colour 2017 reviews: Kiri and Lady Rizo

A clay-covered dancer followed by a multi-faceted entertainer... two shows, two different nights, two very different performances.

I love autumn! The calmness that settles over the Southern Lakes at this time of year is quite the contrast to the other three distinct seasons we experience. The stillness of the lakes and the atypical lack of wind, the first gentle plumes of smoke arising from chimneys and, of course, the quickly changing autumn colours that surround it all.

It really is the perfect setting for the biennial arts festival, Festival of Colour.

This year I made it to two different performances: the thought-provoking, clay-covered dance Kiri, and the hysterically funny singer / story teller / all-around entertainer Lady Rizo.

The clay-covered dancer in Kiri at Festival of Colour 2017

The clay-covered dancer in Kiri at Festival of Colour 2017


Pitched as a conversation between sculptor and dancer, Kiri was unlike anything I had seen before.

The underlying storyline was the creation of humankind, with the dancer breaking through her thick clay skin – symbolising coming into existence – to then be moulded into the human form that we are more familiar with by the sculptor – symbolising a form of creator. Whilst the primary narrative was clear, the thought-provoking performance left the audience with dozens of potential further reflections and interpretations.

Here’s a visual recap of the performance we put together…

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Lady Rizo

Lady Rizo at the 2017 Festival of Colour

Lady Rizo at the 2017 Festival of Colour

I was forewarned that this would be very enthralling show. However, “enthralling” doesn’t even get close to the level of captivating merriment Lady Rizo bestowed upon her audience.

This American story-telling singer takes multifaceted entertainment to another level. Flowing from her own bluesy, Burlesque-style rhythms to a number of unique cover songs, Lady Rizo held the crowd’s full attention with stories of her childhood, a great deal of audience-focused improv, a constant stream of classy innuendoes and subtle quips, and a voice that immediately raises the hair on the back of your neck.

Her sense of humour changed rapidly, from the Kiwi-style sarcasm we all love to hate, to the somewhat poignant political references about the “Angry Apricot” in charge back in her homelands.

To summarise, as the closing show for the 2017 Festival of Colour, Lady Rizo was nothing less than mesmerising.

Lady Rizo at the 2017 Festival of Colour

Lady Rizo at the 2017 Festival of Colour

Lady Rizo at the 2017 Festival of Colour

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Lady Rizo at the 2017 Festival of Colour

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