Fair of Love and Light

On Sunday 9th April, the Holistic Spiritual fair is back in Arrowtown to inspire love and light within the community.

This event, held twice a year, is the first of its kind in Central Otago and aims to celebrate love and spiritual awareness.

Taking place in the beautiful historic Arrowtown, the fair will include stalls of the country’s best spiritual healers, clairvoyants, reflexologists and crystal sellers. Hundreds of locals and visitors alike attended the one-day event in Spring last year, enjoying the great energy and relaxed atmosphere.

Niki Golle at the Arrowtown Fair of Love and Light

Niki Golle at the Arrowtown Fair of Love and Light. Photo by James Allan.

“The fair is about spiritually inspiring those who are interested in understanding themselves and their path more.” Event organiser Josephine Litia says. “We hope people will learn a bit more about themselves, and get out into the unknown.”

Originally from Auckland, Josephine moved to Arrowtown two years ago, and decided to start the fair to encourage more people from all walks of life to join together. Now in its second year, the fair’s reputation is growing.

“When I first arrived, I noticed there are lots of yoga groups in Queenstown, a few mindfulness and meditation classes, but there’s no event that celebrates and encourages what all these things try to do, which is to learn self-love, and spread that love into your community.”

The event is free for all to attend, but visitors can make a donation upon entry to the fair’s charity of choice, Happiness House. Last year, they raised over $200 towards the charity, which helps those families and individuals in need by encouraging healthy and empowering life choices.

Niki Golle at the Arrowtown Fair of Love and Light

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