A core snowboarding event; The 2016 Treble Cone Banked Slalom

Almost 100 shredders turned up for the annual event which was held in the famous Gun Barrel run at Treble Cone Ski Resort.

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate snowboarding than with a banked slalom! And the TC event turns it on every year, with the 2016 edition being no exception.

Originating from the CORE of snowboarding, this type of gathering stays true to its roots and always delivers a great atmosphere. Riders, both old school and new, come out of the woodwork for this annual event, bringing together snowboarders of all walks of life, for one simple reason… to shred down a gnarly course and try to make it to the finish line without a fall.

A huge number of competitors at the TC Banked Slalom 2016

A huge number of competitors at the TC Banked Slalom 2016. Photo by Broni Whitaker.

This year, TC put together a seriously tight and technical course. It was challenging to say the least, even for the seasoned riders, and the semi-flat light made for some interesting line choices and compressions. After charging around 37 gates down one of the most advanced runs on Treble Cone, you definitely had a good leg-burn going, but a hell of a good time too. Check out the event video (filmed be our small team at 360nz)…

It seems there is a bit of momentum behind banked slaloms lately, with new events popping up all over the World. August 20th marks the inaugural banked slalom at Cardona supported by Billabong… can’t wait!

Mens Podium at the TC Banked Slalom 2016

Open overall podium: Will Jackways 1st, Deni Bevin 2nd, Richie Johnston 3rd. Photo by Broni Whitaker.

Hopefully I can retain a spot on the podium, after my second place in Open Mens / third overall.

Overall Womens Results:
1st – Amber Schueker
2nd – Iwadare Kren
3rd – Adele Kren

Overall Mens Results:
1st – Will Jackways
2nd – Deni Beavin
3rd – Richie Johnston Wanaka Beerworks Treble Cone Banked Slalom

A huge thanks to all the competitors, supporters and organisers who helped make the 2016 TC Banked Slalom a great day. And an even bigger thank you to Wanaka Beer Works for coming on board as a new sponsor and Never Summer Snowboards for continuing their on going commitment to NZ Snowboarding and general good times!

Richie @360

One of 360’s main writers and photographers, Richie is a go-getter that is constantly out enjoying the local environment – from surfing the Hawea Wave to snowboarding Treble Cone’s natural pipes.

Richie is an ambassador for the local retail chain Outside Sports, alongside a number of other brands. As a drone pilot and filmer, Richie is also a key member of the creative team at 360newzealand.com.

View posts written by Richie here on 360qw, or check out his personal blog site.

A huge number of competitors at the TC Banked Slalom 2016

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