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We are dedicated to promoting Queenstown and Wanaka as a world class tourist destination. We believe in providing visitors with a new and unique way to experience the area, on a more location-orientated platform. Our virtual tour technologies work seamlessly on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones, and are not being used on any other website in the region. That, combined with our simple and intuitive site structure and our comprehensive editorial content, makes 360qw the go-to website for visitors both new and returning.

Get your brand and business seen by people who are passionate about their time in Queenstown and Wanaka.

List Your Business in our Directory for Free

If you own or manage a business in the Southern Lakes area that cater to visitors, we want to hear from you. Be it a hotel, a concierge service, a new retail outlet or a little burger joint.

It’s free to list your business on 360queenstown-wanaka and only takes 10 minutes. Fill out our directory submission form, attach a photo and we’ll create the listing and confirm with you when it’s live. Easy as that!

Fill out the directory submission form here!

Advertising Solutions

Here at 360queenstown-wanaka we will be offering a comprehensive set of online advertising and marketing solutions. From annual Location Sponsorship Plans to individual quarterly adverts and other promotional services, we will have something to suit your needs.

Location Sponsorship Plans

Become a feature on our homepage, display an advert on our locations directories and news sections, and even have a 360 panorama included in our town virtual tours. Our Location Sponsorship Plans are comprehensive and limited in number.

— Pricing to be announced early 2016 —

Quarterly Adverts in our News & Articles Section

Do you have an event coming up? Or maybe you’re a seasonal business and it’s coming into your operating season? We offer advertising space in both our locations directories and in our News & Articles section.

— Pricing to be announced early 2016 —

Articles & Advertorials

We like to write! And we really like to take photos! Without blowing our own horns too much, we’re reasonably good at both.

Here at 360qw we’re always looking for new and interesting local topics to write about. You may have a new service offering within your business. Or maybe you’ve recently moved location. You could be setting up a non-profit organisation in the region or have a local club that’s taking a new direction. Well, if our readers would find it interesting, we’d like to write about it.

Costs vary, depending on requirements, but articles and advertorials for non-profit organisations are free. Get in touch for more information.

Event Promotion

Do you run recurring events in the Queenstown and Wanaka area? If so, we would love to come and write an article about it.

It’s an easy process; send us two tickets or put us on your guest list and, if we’re available, we’ll come along to check it out. We’ll write an article free of charge, to be featured here at 360qw, with images included. Then if you like the images, you can purchase licensing rights to use them later on. No upfront commitments required, just a few tickets to your event.

Digital Media Services

Showcase your business or property in one of the most immersive ways possible. If you’re using your website to promote a location of any sort, from real estate and holiday rental accommodation to hotels and resort complexes, why not provide online viewers with the best possible way to see it?

From interactive 360 panoramas and immersive virtual tours, to web design and strategy services, photography, aerial video and time lapse work; we do it all!

Visit our services-based website at for more information.

Use our Virtual Tours on your Website

Is there a hiking trail, mountain bike track or virtual tour of something else on 360queenstown-wanaka you would love publish on your own website for your customers to enjoy? Why not take advantage of embedding any of our virtual tours for only $149 per year – we certainly have a lot of unique panoramic imagery of Queenstown and Wanaka that no one else has!

Our virtual tours work in any recent web browser and any device and keep users engaged for three minutes on average. Contact us if you want to use one or would like to discuss a specific requirement.